Ruby Tuesday Restaurant – What You Should Know About Its History, Menu, And Printable Coupons

Ruby Tuesday Restaurant – What You Should Know About Its History, Menu, And Printable Coupons

Ruby Tuesday is a widely popular casual dining restaurant with more than 900 branches (including the franchises) in 13 countries.  Since its establishment in the early 70s, Ruby Tuesday has made an impression in every branch with its friendly atmosphere and impressive line of entrees. The restaurant was originally conceived as a bar and grill but eventually expanded their menu to accommodate more customers. The name “Ruby Tuesday” was taken from the popular title of the song by Rolling Stones.

History of Ruby Tuesday 

Ruby Tuesday is the brainchild of five students from the University of Tennessee. The first branch was opened in 1972 near the Knoxville campus of the same university. While the restaurant immediately became popular among university students, expansion of the restaurant was relatively slow. It was only after the restaurant’s merger with Morrison Inc. in 1982 that Ruby Tuesday went through rapid growth because of the available financial assistance.

The popular restaurant chain was part of the large group of restaurants under the management of Ruby Tuesday Inc. But in the year 2000, other restaurant properties were sold to Specialty Restaurants, LLC. This business decision now enables the company to focus on the flagship restaurant with rapid expansion and continues improvement.

Ruby Tuesday Menu 

Ruby Tuesday always have something to offer to their guests any time of the day. They are currently running their “Seafood Festival” which is a set of entrees offered only for a limited time featuring some of the best seafood meals from Ruby Tuesday.  Customers can choose to enjoy “Tuscan Crab Tilapia” which features the exquisite flavor of tilapia with crab meat sauce. Another favorite is the “Mixed Grill” which is practically a combination of jumbo shrimp, sirloin steak and blackened chicken.

Complementing the specialty entrees from Ruby Tuesday are the specific meals available for brunch, lunch or dinner. The restaurant’s brunch is a unique combination of early morning meals with something interesting for midday meal. Customers can enjoy two courses with a 3rd course meal for a hearty brunch. The lunch and dinner entrees are practically the same with a few differences that can highlight the meal.

Ruby Tuesday Bar 

As already indicated, Ruby Tuesday was originally conceived as a bar and grill that caters to young professionals and families. The recent changes of the image of Ruby Tuesday includes shedding their image as a bar and grill. But this doesn’t mean the restaurant will altogether forget about the previous entrees. In fact, Ruby Tuesday made some impressive changes on their entrees and beverages. Ruby Tuesday is now a highly recommended restaurant because of their handcrafted burgers. It’s a rare feat for the restaurant and a very impressive addition because customers can enjoy customized preparation of their burgers.

Ruby Tuesday Coupons

Like almost every major restaurant chain, Ruby Tuesday also hands out coupons to their customers for possible discounts. These coupons are often available in 3rd party websites as they are the premier source of coupons for different types of restaurants and other establishments. However, customers have to make sure of the coupon’s validity since some of the coupons posted are no longer acceptable in some branches. Some coupons available in these sites are already expired or they can only be used once.

A good source of coupon from Ruby Tuesday is their online club “So Connected”. Customers can sign-up for free in the official website of Ruby Tuesday. Once they become members of the online club, they will receive the latest news and updates from Ruby Tuesday including different types of printable coupons applicable in select branches. Instead of searching for coupons, customers simply wait for the latest online newsletter through email from Ruby Tuesday.

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